Our Team

What it's like to work at JCMR Technology

At JCMR Technology, we firmly believe that fostering a vibrant and successful company culture begins with engaged and cohesive employees. Our commitment to our team and clients is unwavering. 

Our culture is built on celebrating achievements, fostering a sense of community, and promoting work-life balance. Regular team outings and events are essential components of our teamwork and project success. 

At JCMR Technology, we are dedicated to creating an environment where our exceptional team can thrive, ultimately delivering outstanding results that reflect our commitment to our valued employees and clients.

JCMR Technology Team

The Champions Behind Your Success

Jake Kent

CEO & President

Eddie Bruce

Sr. Solutions Architect

Tim Kelly

Sr. Solutions Architect

Walter Buckman

Sr. Solutions Architect

Scott Witte

Sales Manager

David Christenbury

Customer Advocate

Madilyn Kent

Marketing Operations Specialist



Opportunities at
JCMR Technology

JCMR Technology is looking for self-motivated, dynamic people to employ or partner with. If you have an interest in being part of a team that is making it happen and will help your career explode, we want to hear from you today. We can work with you in any capacity that is mutually beneficial.

Employees at JCMR Technology are assigned aggressive career development plans, provided a challenging project-based work environment, and work in a culture where all employees participate in the shaping and growth of the organization. Our employees undergo a rigorous screening process that ensures they match our corporate culture; have strong backgrounds in consulting, outstanding technical expertise, and a desire to be part of a dynamic organization where their opinion and enthusiasm help determine the future of our organization. Please submit your resume to careers@jcmr.net.