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Having recently joined Carson Dellosa, I brought JCMR Technology in because they were focused on understanding our business, frank, knowledgeable, and flexible in their service delivery. I was also impressed that they made it a point to hire disabled veterans. I consider them an honest, effective partner.

Steve Griffin


Carson-Dellosa contracted JCMR Technology to bring the IT Organization into best-practice utilization of technology, create ITIL best practices around IT problem management, and improve infrastructure service levels.



Application and Data Vulnerability

Critical data center applications running in a virtualized environment were at risk of significant downtime and data loss. Previous outages affected email and other corporate applications for HR, Finance and Customer Support. Lack of a Highly Available server and systems infrastructure put these critical applications at risk. Data backup processes were not operating effectively with multiple risks for data loss.


Highly Available Infrastructure & Services

JCMR Technology enabled Carson-Dellosa to implement a more streamlined use of existing technology. The IT Organization had implemented a virtualized server infrastructure based on VMware. JCMR Technology conducted a Virtualization Assessment and concluded by using existing infrastructure, server consolidation and implementation of a Highly Available Data Protection solution, Carson-Dellosa reduced operating costs significantly. JCMR Technology was contracted to design, deliver, deploy and manage this infrastructure.

Carson-Dellosa also assigned JCMR Technology to implement an ITIL Best-Practices scenario for change management control and IT asset management.

JCMR Technology conducted a Data Protection Assessment of the Symantec NetBackup infrastructure and found operational risks for data loss. JCMR Technology corrected these issues by implementing a comprehensive Data Protection Solution from Symantec and by doing so consolidated licensing requirements resulting in a significant cost savings.

Key Benefits

By using JCMR Technology Services, Carson-Dellosa:

  • Improves Production Performance through the ITIL Best-Practices Framework
  • Streamlines Technology Delivery to Internal Business Units & Customers
  • Realizes Cost Savings in Acquisition of Technology & Services
  • Nearly Eliminates Data Loss, Downtime & Recovery Time
  • Augments IT Staff with Veteran Resources from JCMR Technology
  • Partners with a Services Provider that Understands Their Business
  • Strategically Plans for Technology Improvements – Together

Honest, knowledgeable, flexible, and impressive strategic partners.

Steve Griffin