JCMR Technology is very competent and is willing to tackle any task. Additionally, they are flexible with scheduling and will go the extra mile to help their customers. When the unexpected happens, they are excellent at troubleshooting and problem resolution – including outside-the-box approaches.

John Brotherton
Information Systems Administrator, INDA


Infrastructure Virtualization & Visibility

Throughout a long partnership, INDA and JCMR Technology have worked together to improve INDA’s business and IT infrastructure alignment. INDA engaged JCMR Technology to assist with network support, which resulted in improvements to the overall network infrastructure.


Aging Infrastructure; Network Instability; IT Budget Constraints

INDA sought a more economical, energy-efficient solution to the problems caused by its aging infrastructure, limited space, slow server response times, and physical limitations. Space in the data center was limited, INDA’s hardware and software could not be upgraded, and many of their applications did not support cloud technology. A server outage could cause the loss of e-commerce and member databases, resulting in lost income and the inability to perform reconciliation functions. INDA required an efficient, cost effective solution to these infrastructure challenges.


Infrastructure Alignment and Virtualization

After consulting with INDA and reviewing their operational requirements, JCMR Technology and INDA staff determined that virtualization was the best solution to INDA’s challenges. JCMR Technology assisted with the planning, design, procurement, implementation, and support of the new virtualized environment. Virtualization allowed INDA to enjoy the benefit of improved stability. INDA’s infrastructure now includes fail over capability, energy efficiency, improved storage capabilities, and faster response times.

Key Benefits

By partnering with JCMR Technology, INDA:

  • Implemented and maintains a virtualized environment.
  • Finds solutions that meet business needs.
  • Realizes cost savings during the acquisition of technology and services.
  • Augments IT staff with veteran resources from JCMR Technology.
  • Partners with a services provider that understands their business.
  • Strategically plans for improvements with a trusted Technology Partner.

JCMR Technology continues to provide support for our infrastructure, including systems, servers, and network. They help keep everything running smoothly. We appreciate their professionalism and expertise and have engaged them for assistance with other efforts around security, storage, Microsoft applications, cloud services, and off-site backups.