Pate Dawson Company

While working with JCMR Technology, we are impressed with their quick response and resolution while introducing us to new technologies and best practices. We will continue working with them because of their professionalism, response, and technical ability. Together we’ve come a long way from where our IT infrastructure used to be.

Tom McLaughlin
Infrastructure Systems Support


Pate Dawson Company initially contracted JCMR Technology to upgrade circuits, establish site-to-site failover VPN services between locations, assist with implementing networking best practices, and create the network infrastructure in a new distribution center. Since those initial projects, Pate Dawson Company and JCMR Technology have collaborated to create a DMZ environment, improve network security, establish a VoIP infrastructure, and address routine configuration and troubleshooting.


Network Dependency and Stability

Pate Dawson Company’s critical applications were susceptible to network outages that affected order processing, product shipments and revenue. Pate Dawson Company’s overall goal was to improve delivery services and reduce transportation costs without relying on a telecom service provider’s Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and response time. Generally speaking, Pate Dawson Company desired improved independence, stability, and resiliency in its multi-site Wide-Area Network (WAN).


Improved Network Infrastructure

JCMR Technology assisted Pate Dawson Company with the design and implementation of a network infrastructure that operates across multiple telecom service providers. This approach provided a better solution and a cost savings over the legacy configuration. The new resilient and secure network infrastructure allows Pate Dawson Company to be more confident and responsive in service delivery, while reducing operational costs.

JCMR Technology’s team introduced the Aerohive wireless solution, which was installed in Pate Dawson Company’s newest distribution center in Statesville, NC. The Aerohive products provided a robust, easily managed wireless network that improved connectivity and provided huge cost savings compared to other alternatives.

Key Benefits

By partnering with JCMR Technology Services, Pate Dawson Company:

  • Improved network stability and resiliency.
  • Increased network security.
  • Installed network infrastructure in a new distribution center.
  • Realizes cost savings in the acquisition of technology and services.
  • Augments IT staff with veteran resources from JCMR Technology.
  • Partners with a services provider that understands their business.
  • Strategically plans for improvements with a trusted Technology Partner.

We at Pate Dawson Company continue to utilize JCMR Technology’s exceptional talent to resolve the occasional network issues that arise in the course of our daily business. We have found that their team is always available and eager to assist. JCMR Technology’s tenacity, ability to solve problems quickly and sound solutions have provided a welcomed complement to our internal IT team.