Piedmont Trust Company

It wasn’t just about the great job JCMR Technology did in providing services, but the experience they brought to our Team. They educated my staff, worked with them very well. Implementing these solutions gave valuable time back to my Team to concentrate on more important projects.

Phil Ferguson
Director of IT Services and Support, Piedmont Trust Company


Piedmont Trust contracted JCMR Technology to perform a Security Assessment of their Network Infrastructure, including an Intrusion Audit of their Data Center.


Saturated Intrusion Event Reporting & Infrastructure Vulnerability

Firewalls and email spam event notifications via Network Operations and email reporting were saturating the Exchange Environment, and congesting the Network Infrastructure carrying the notifications. Manual evaluation of the events was very intensive and revealed that human error of understanding legitimate notifications was an issue.

Proactive management of Network Security had become a challenge to manage on a regular basis with the current staff workloads. Outside Security Assessments are a must for unbiased, thorough, and comprehensive evaluation of the Data Center security. Constant intrusion attempts plague all private Trust Management companies, by the very nature of managing multi-million dollar assets. Even though Piedmont Trust felt confident that an intrusion had not happened, the monitoring and reporting of these events, whether real or perceived, became a productivity nightmare for operations.


Streamlined Management of Intrusion Event Reporting & Solidification of a Highly Secure Infrastructure and Systems

JCMR Technology and Piedmont Trust designed and implemented a Cloud-based Spam Filtering System, from Microsoft, for more streamlined management of attempted intrusion events. Deploying this solution reduced the impact of erroneous messages and nearly eliminated the network and reporting saturation experienced prior to this implementation.

JCMR Technology, during its Security Assessment, revealed a secure, but outdated Infrastructure. As such, JCMR Technology suggested and implemented a Juniper SRX Series Firewall and MAG Series SSL VPN Infrastructure to provide a high performance Network Security Solution, Remote Access Solution and Intrusion Protection System.

Based in Greensboro, North Carolina and for over 85 years Piedmont Trust has been serving the needs of wealthy families. In 2004, Piedmont became the first private trust company chartered in NC. Piedmont Trust prioritizes patient, opportunistic investment and a rigorous governance process.

Key Benefits

By using JCMR Technology Services, Piedmont Trust Company:

  • Helped educate IT to become proactive vs. reactive in Security Management
  • Increased IT productivity by streamlining management of Intrusion Protection
  • Implemented an updated Perimeter Security and Intrusion Detection / Prevention System, removing system vulnerabilities
  • Personalized support for efficient problem resolution
  • Partners with a Services Provider that Understands Their Business, not just selling products
  • Strategically Plans for Technology Improvements – Together

It is a comfort to know that when we need it, we have JCMR’s experience and expertise on the other side of the phone or in person.

Phil Ferguson
Director of IT Services and Support, Piedmont Trust Company