JCMR’s quality and level of service, professionalism, and quick response to issues has made working with them over the past few years a great partnership. ”

Miner Lawrence
Executive Director, Enterprise Services


Utilipath partnered with JCMR Technology to conduct a network assessment which matured into a best practices infrastructure redesign. This produced a secure, scalable, documented, and stable data center solution.


Compromised Network Security and Uncontrolled Data Center Growth

Utilipath’s exponential corporate growth spawned challenges in securing and managing the growth of data center infrastructure. The space constraints of the data center hardware footprint, unstable power feeds, unreliable telecommunication circuits, and the inability to scale as they grew were impacting Utilipath’s service delivery to their customers. Also, vulnerabilities in network security caused a potential for breaches in the network. Utilipath’s IT team determined that remote and local network access were at risk and they needed a complete, best practice, managed solution implemented and documented.


Infrastructure Redesign and a Secure, Managed Network

JCMR Technology assessed Utilipath’s network and co-designed a robust, secure network for their data center. Server, network, and intrusion detection systems were implemented, which nearly eliminated security breaches. All remote access to systems and routed infrastructure were now managed and secured, removing intrusion risk from both internal and external sources.

Utilipath also partnered with JCMR Technology to move email, SharePoint services, and office applications to a cloud-based Exchange / SharePoint Server / Office 365 solution. This offsite cloud solution brought application availability to 99.999%, nearly eliminating downtime.

Utilipath contracted JCMR Technology to create an IT Continuity Book about the Applications, Servers, Network, and the Cloud as a best practice documentation of the entire corporate infrastructure.

An additional service offered by JCMR Technology, Staff Augmentation, was also leveraged to fill critical positions at Utilipath when needed. JCMR Technology was subcontracted for Tier 1 / Tier 2 Help Desk support for one of Utilipath’s telecommunication partners during the implementation of network circuits at a major hotel chain. Also, JCMR Technology provided a resource to act as a full-time IT Manager until a permanent replacement was hired.

Key Benefits

By using JCMR Technology Services, Utilipath:

  • Removed security breaches and protected critical corporate data.
  • Streamlined technology delivery by implementing standards and best practices.
  • Completely documented the entire infrastructure for ease of change control and expansion.
  • Nearly eliminated data loss, downtime & recovery time.
  • Realized cost savings in the acquisition of technology and services.
  • Augmented IT staff with veteran resources from JCMR Technology.
  • Partnered with a services provider that understood their business.
  • Strategically planned for improvements with a trusted Technology Partner.

The secure, scalable solution Jake created for us resolved critical security breaches, streamlined our standards and practices, and nearly eliminated downtime and recovery time.

Miner Lawrence
Executive Director, Enterprise Services