Data Domain

Disaster Recovery

Data Domain is a hardware/software solution that is designed to easily integrate in to your current environment without having to make changes. It delivers industry leading speed and efficiency with throughput up to 58.7 TB/hour, enabling more backups to complete sooner and reducing pressure on backup windows. Data Domain (DD) OS employs variable length deduplication to minimize disk requirements and ensure data lands on disk already deduplicated. This reduces backup and archive storage requirements by an average of 10 to 30x, making disk a cost-effective alternative to tape. Data on disk is available online and onsite for longer retention periods and restores and retrievals become fast and reliable. A single Data Domain system can be used for backup and recovery of the entire enterprise (including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and VMware®, as well as IBM i and mainframe environments) as well as protecting archive data (including file, e-mail, enterprise content management, database and Virtual Machine archiving). Data Domain systems cost-effectively protect archive data through integration with industry-leading archiving applications including EMC SourceOne and Symantec Enterprise Vault.

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