Even as the trend to all-flash arrays grows, most organizations still don’t have the budget to deploy hundreds of terabytes of all-flash arrays. A flexible and affordable storage system is required that can change with your business, application, and integration needs. The VNX flash-based architecture is an enterprise level, file and block storage, scalable, easy to use system that is cloud-ready for virtualization and hybrid cloud deployments. All of this is available in a choice of systems ranging from affordable entry-level solutions to high-performance, petabyte-capacity configurations servicing the most demanding mixed workload requirements. The VNXe is EMC’s most affordable storage arrays bring you high-end features and performance at an entry-level cost. Take your pick of unified (SAN/NAS) or block-level storage (SAN). Hybrid or all-flash. With application-aware software included, EMC VNXe is easy to manage, provision, and protect. For your Video Surveillance needs, easily manage and store terabytes of digital video surveillance content at the edge with EMC VNX-VSS. Benefit from high bandwidth and a low cost per gigabyte. VNX-VSS arrays are ideal for distributed sites and uses including city surveillance, government, and transportation security.

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