Business Performance

Business Performance is the fifth and final focus area within the JCMR Technology Nautilus Methodology.

Our goals are to reduce costs and drive value. JCMR Technology’s Business Performance services, layered on top of a robust infrastructure, a team with processes and procedures, true visibility and harden security, enables businesses to maximize every dollar spend on IT. As part of this focus area, JCMR Technology includes the following services:

  • Telecommunication – Phone and Internet services continue to evolve. Make sure that you evaluate what you have every time you are up for a contract renewal.
  • Licensing – Ensure you know what you are paying for and only pay for the features and functionality you need. Also, save money by making long-term commitments to vendors you intend to keep around.
  • Maintenance & Support – Ensure maintenance and support are aligned with your infrastructure’s criticality.
  • Contract Negotiation – Competition ensures that you get the best price from your vendor of choice.

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