Infrastructure Alignment

Infrastructure Alignment is the first focus area within the JCMR Technology Nautilus Methodology.

JCMR Technology’s Infrastructure Alignment services ensure a robust infrastructure is present, whether On-Premise or Cloud, to support the criticality of your applications while staying conscious of your budget. As part of this focus area, JCMR Technology includes the following services:

  • Application Criticality Alignment – Identify and prioritize applications to determine appropriate infrastructure to support and align with the applications’ criticality to the business.
  • Business Needs – Determine business needs (e.g. the importance of a location or business unit to the overall health of a business) to make decisions around where to increase resiliency or utilize alternative support strategies.
  • Budget – Understand financial constraints to narrow down vendors and products. Understanding budget prevents wasted time entertaining presentations or evaluations of Vendors that are too expensive.
  • Vendors – Select Tier I Vendors that have a proven track record, industry adoption, good support and expected longevity. Choosing anything less may have hidden costs in supportability and increased risks due to company failure.

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