IT Management and IT Managed Services

IT Management is the third focus area within the JCMR Technology Nautilus Methodology.

Our goals are to gain true visibility and simplicity.  JCMR Technology’s Management services, layered on top of a robust infrastructure and a team with processes and procedures, enable IT management to be streamlined and simplified. As part of this focus area, JCMR Technology includes the following services:

  • Configuration Management – Traditionally, outages are caused by change within an Infrastructure. By effectively managing configuration, a risk of outages is reduced significantly.
  • Monitoring – Effective monitoring allows for proactive planning and troubleshooting to mitigate or minimize the risk of outages, in addition to providing valuable input to budgets.
  • Reporting – Tiered and aggregated reporting is essential to ensuring that Critical events or alerts are not getting lost in informational streams of data.
  • Automation – Planned, intelligent workflows allow for rapid response, notification and remediation steps for Critical events or alerts. Additionally, automation of static processes significantly increases the amount of time that administrators can stay focused on projects and strategic initiatives.

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