IT Security

Security is the fourth focus area within the JCMR Technology Nautilus Methodology.

Our goals are to secure your Infrastructure from internal / external threats and ensure that you are prepared to respond to breaches. JCMR Technology’s Security services layered on top of a robust infrastructure, a team with processes and procedures and true visibility, enables businesses to proactively prevent or reduce risks associated with breaches. As part of this focus area, JCMR Technology includes the following services, centered around Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability:

  • Application & Infrastructure – Implementation of Firewalls, WebApp Security and End Point Protection prevents anomalies caused by Security breaches.
  • Information Classification – Classifying data allows for tiered Security, which leads to reduced costs associated with encryption, storage and much more.
  • Business Continuity – Implementation of Disaster Recovery Procedures and Data Protection ensures that business operations continue should something happen.

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