ITIL Alignment

JCMR Technology works with its customers to enable a shift from a focus on technology to a focus on services

This leads to improved communication and dialogue between IT and the business, and an elevated perception of the value offered by IT. As part of its IT infrastructure management services JCMR Technology assists its customers with the following:

  • Developing a Service Catalog and an underlying service structure as the cornerstone of an IT Service Management program AND
  • Mapping IT services to business processes and functions
This approach provides the following:

  • A frame of reference that is mutually appreciated by the IT and business operations, along with investment partnerships
  • Consistent, repeatable service offerings and their requestable elements
  • Demonstrated business value of IT
  • Basis for service based costing and recovery
  • Support for the automation of Request Fulfillment and service provisioning

In addition to JCMR Technology’s focus on IT as a Service for infrastructure management, it also has a specific focus / offering around the following to ensure continual service improvement. Below highlights some examples:

  • Program Management – whether a small project or an international program, JCMR Technology takes a structured, methodical approach to all project activities.
  • Training – as part of each project, JCMR Technology performs minimal knowledge transfer, but also offers formalized training around IT service management and additional details around the specific technology being deployed.

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