We were down for about an hour and a half before we actually pushed it up to the cloud. Even though we lost an entire section of the building, we were actually able to resume full production within the next 10 days.

I would call it complete success. The JCMR team is very high functioning. I would recommend that you not wait until you have a situation like ours to get on board with them, but in a situation where you did have an emergency, I do feel like they will be there for you. They were definitely there for us when we needed them. I knew we would be okay and it was a chance for everyone to prove their worth.

Steve Defenbaugh
VP of IT
Benestar Brands / Evans Food Group

Over the 8 years that we’ve been working with Acquisition Lifeguards, we’ve tripled in growth, revenue, and employees. They took what could have been a challenging time for us, and with their technical expertise and knowledge, they’ve helped make us more efficient. We actually consider Acquisition Lifeguards an extension of our team. There is nothing we’ve thrown at them that they couldn’t resolve. I would recommend Acquisition Lifeguards if you’re ready to have your technical problems be a thing of the past.

Todd Bone
XS International

What started as a 6-month project with Acquisition Lifeguards, has now become a 3-year partnership. They make my work easier, they have the experience, and they have the knowledge. They also were able to accomplish in only 2 years and for less cost, than what my in-house team did in 4 years. They’re responsiveness and my trust in their solutions is what makes them unique and priceless to me.

I would recommend Acquisition Lifeguards as a company to work with because they are good technicians, they are a good team, they take time to understand what your company is about, what your goals are, and their focus is on the client, their focus is on my well-being and my environment’s well-being.

Eric Genetti
Director of IT Operations - NA
Soletanche Freyssinet

When I began at Benestar Brands we were in a highly outsourced model, the company that was supporting us, I didn’t feel like I had a line to escalate at the speed and level that I needed to. That almost immediately changed as soon as Acquisition Lifeguards came into play.

Our company has 4 distinct plants that we utilize. We had 150 open tickets when I started, and our goal was to have about 30. We were able to quickly bring another headcount in house, and work with Acquisition Lifeguards, and through this we were able to cut our expenses by about 35%.

We definitely relied very heavily on Acquisition Lifeguards, and it was just a beautiful project the way it came together. We are really firing on all cylinders, and I attribute a lot of that to them and their ability to deliver just right across the board.

It’s a down to earth, well-functioning team with high expertise. They could help us on everything between data warehousing, equipment, network, cybersecurity, functioning at a very high level. In today’s environment and the direction of the company, we’re sort of asking for something more, and these guys are able to take us to where we need to go. I would highly recommend them.

Steve Defenbaugh
Vice-President of Information Technology
Benestar Brands

I was referred to Jake Kent and his team, and very quickly after talking to them, it was very clear that they were the right people for the job. In my 20 years of business, I have never seen a team come in with such authority and skill level over the process, while at the same time being very respectful of our policies.

One of our problems was vulnerability around security, and the speed at which we were able to go through and knock out hundreds of equipment – typically a 6 month project – was completed in only a few weeks. During our quarterly business review with the team, we calculated approximately $300,000 worth of savings they had found in only the first 90 days.

Acquisition Lifeguards are just that, “lifeguards” for us in the short term. We always felt like we were getting their full attention and white glove treatment. Any needs or questions were answered almost immediately every time. It was an interesting blend of consulting level expertise, but in a form of staff augmentation. They are rescue mode and strategic implementation all in one.

Dennis DeWolf
Director - Platform, Network and ITSM
RTI International

The biggest part that Jake and his team really helped with was not only the expertise of getting the project completed and save us money in the process, but also being able to train and spend some valuable time with some of the employees we brought in to make sure they understood how to support the environment and continue to maintain it in the future.

As I look back about a year after the integration, the confidence our private equity group has – not just the IT organization but our integration team – has allowed us to purchase five other organizations since then. After my experience there is no other group that I have the confidence in working with as I do with The Acquisition Lifeguard team.

Ben Llewellyn
VP of Technology

Whether it’s an acquisition or a post-acquisition integration, Jake is really my go-to resource for those types of engagements.

Jake grew up being a technician doing the physical work, which certainly helps him and gives him credibility when he’s having a strategic conversation. And it gives me peace of mind to know that not only can he provide the high-level guidance and strategic direction, but again he can actually execute and turn a wrench when it needs to happen.

People can talk and pontificate all they want, but unless you can execute, that’s where people get paid. And Jake’s able to do that at a rapid speed. I’d recommend anybody in my field or specific role to explore how Jake can benefit your practice. He has certainly benefited mine.

Frank Llaneza
Managing Partner
Converged Network Services Group

As a lean organization committed to producing the best for our customers, we need reliable, highly-skilled technologists without the expense of hiring internal IT staff.

In the seven years we’ve been working together, Jake and his team have been instrumental to our success and our continued global growth. He not only has the expertise to seamlessly manage the technology requirements of an international organization, he proactively anticipates and plans for the ongoing health of our infrastructure. Knowing that our long-term needs are covered gives us invaluable peace of mind and confidence, and facilitates our continued expansion.

Jake is crucial to our ability to be a technology-first company while staying lean, growing fast, and maximizing revenue.

Troy Trybom
CIO North America

Jake’s impressive expertise in both technology and strategy have made him invaluable to our growth and expansion efforts. He has an unparalleled ability to anticipate needs, make sure our technology is ready for growth, smoothly roll out all new initiatives with no surprises, and cover all of our IT needs across the board.

Jake and his team view our organization and our requirements in the big picture, allowing us to continually look ahead instead of being reactive. I’ve never encountered a technology team as knowledgeable, transparent, forward-thinking, and attentive as Jake’s.

Working with Jake has resulted in incredible ROI in every area, including increased productivity, reduced downtime, and boosted revenue. We now have 11 locations across the globe, and Jake has been a critical factor in our growth and success.

Mike Holden
Enterprise Data Architect
Oiles America

Thanks to the standard operating model Jake and his team created for all acquisitions, we’ve been able to integrate new companies 25% faster and enable additional revenue every year.

In addition to these significant benefits, Jake has ensured that every element of our technology integration is smooth and reliable, which eases the transition and provides total peace of mind.

If you’re a fast-growing company wanting to capitalize on acquisition, working with Jake’s team is a no-brainer.

Joe Topinka

There’s no question that Jake and his team have allowed us to fully maximize our IT investment. They are true experts at planning and implementation. They don’t just immediately address any issues that may arise, they are instrumental in ensuring that problems don’t occur in the first place. Organizational success can’t happen without a reliable infrastructure, and we appreciate the confidence that comes from knowing Jake has us covered, now and in the future.

Doc McKenzie
Network Engineer

With offices and forward stocking locations spread across three continents, it’s crucial that our infrastructure supports the requirements of our growing operations. Jake and his team have been integral to the scaling and turnkey implementation of our technology, giving us the rare luxury of worry-free IT as we continue to expand.

Brett Ganey
Director, Service Delivery
XS International

It’s not just the great job Jake did in resolving our challenges, but in the experience they brought in educating our entire team in a proactive approach to technology. The solutions and procedures Jake provided have saved money, increased productivity, and given us back valuable time to focus on new strategic initiatives.

Phil Ferguson
Director of IT Services and Support
Piedmont Trust Company

Honest, knowledgeable, flexible, and impressive strategic partners.

Steve Griffin
Carson Dellarosa Publishing

Case Studies

Aster Group

Microsoft Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Aster Group contracted JCMR Technology to transition from an on-premise Microsoft Exchange server solution to Microsoft’s Office 365. Aster Group also moved to Microsoft SharePoint Online for organization of information for collaboration and better project management.


Infrastructure Virtualization

Throughout a long partnership, INDA and JCMR Technology have worked together to improve INDA’s business and IT infrastructure alignment. INDA engaged JCMR Technology to assist with network support, which resulted in improvements to the overall network infrastructure.

Pate Dawson Company

Network Infrastructure Alignment

Pate Dawson Company initially contracted JCMR Technology to upgrade circuits, establish site-to-site failover VPN services between locations, assist with implementing networking best practices, and create the network infrastructure in a new distribution center. Since those initial projects, Pate Dawson Company and JCMR Technology have collaborated to create a DMZ environment, improve network security, establish a VoIP infrastructure, and address routine configuration and troubleshooting.


Infrastructure Virtualization, Security, And Management

Utilipath partnered with JCMR Technology to conduct a network assessment which matured into a best practices infrastructure redesign. This produced a secure, scalable, documented, and stable data center solution.

Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ITIL Alignment, Infrastructure Alignment, & Data Protection

Carson-Dellosa contracted JCMR Technology to bring the IT Organization into best-practice utilization of technology, create ITIL best practices around IT problem management, and improve infrastructure service levels.

Piedmont Trust Company

Cloud Services, Security, & Data Protection

Piedmont Trust contracted JCMR Technology to perform a Security Assessment of their Network Infrastructure, including an Intrusion Audit of their Data Center.

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