Guide to Protecting a Virtual Environment – Finding a Partner for Virtualization (Part 3)

When implementing a virtualization solution, partnering with the right service provider is paramount to a successful transition. Without an experienced, knowledgeable and capable partner, mistakes made during implementation can cause delays in company operations and create unstable virtual environments. In competent hands, though, the process is smooth. When considering which IT business to partner with, companies should JCMR_Technology_finding_a_partner_for_virtualizationconsider two factors: a firm’s ability to customize virtualization solutions and their ability to flawlessly implement those solutions. 

A Firm with Flexible Solutions

Only IT consulting firms that work with multiple vendors are able to create a fully customized virtualization solution for a business. Firms that focus on a single vendor do not have all of the available options at their disposal. In some cases, they may not be able to design a solution for another vendor’s products. A company that works with other leaders in the IT industry, including VMware, EMC, Symantec, Microsoft, Juniper, is able to cull from their partner’s offerings a complete and customized solution.

Any IT consulting firm should also be able to implement virtualization locally or on the cloud. Both local and cloud virtualization have their advantages, and an IT firm’s representatives should be willing to walk businesses through the decision to stay on a local server or to transition to the cloud. IT companies that offer virtualization on the cloud through IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) set themselves apart from others in this aspect.

A Firm that Safely Implements

After learning about virtualization, analyzing the TCO of virtualization and creating a solution, it is finally time for implementation. If this is not done cautiously, the effects can be devastating. During virtualization, a company’s entire network of servers are realigned. Any mistake can take hours to sort out, even if all the data is safely backed up and nothing can be lost forever.

Therefore, it is important to not just partner with an IT firm that has a good sales pitch, but to look for one that cares for their customers both during and after implementation. Before investing much time with a firm, businesses should ask about a firm’s method of implementation and their strategy for risk mitigation during the process. They should also ask what follow-up tests are included in the solution. For, even the most well-thought-out plan can need to be tweaked after implementation.

After deciding to pursue virtualization, businesses should look for a partner that provides support throughout the entire process. The IT firm they select should be able to create a situation-specific solution, and the IT firm should follow up after implementation with quality assurance checks. Only a firm that offers this level of care is worthy of being entrusted with virtualization.