Get Your (Virtual) Act Together: vCenter Operations Manager


Virtual environments are common in most data center infrastructures because they are nimble, easily deployable, and much more efficient than traditional physical environments.

Unfortunately, that ease of use can result in server sprawl: the out of control deployment and provisioning of virtual machine systems that creates a virtual environment too large for the storage and network resources that support the infrastructure as a whole.

So how do you control server sprawl? VMware’s vCenter Operations Manager can help bring order to the chaotic world of Virtual Machines!

Server sprawl ultimately reduces the overall performance and reliability of the corporate data center and isn’¬ít easily traceable or remediated because of the rate that business units become dependent on the deployed virtual guests. Before you realize it, you’re requisitioning additional storage, network, and server hardware to support your ever-growing virtual environment.

What is vCenter Operations Manager?

VMware vCenter Operations Manager is an automated operations management solution that provides integrated performance, capacity, and configuration management for highly virtualized and cloud infrastructure. Deep VMware vSphere integration provides the most comprehensive management of VMware environments, and vCenter Operations Manager is purpose-built for VMware administrators to more effectively manage the performance of VMware environments as they move to the private cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Actionable intelligence to automate manual operations processes
  • Visibility across infrastructure and applications for rapid problem resolution
  • Proactively ensures optimal resource utilization and virtual and cloud infrastructure performance

Learn more about VMware virtual infrastructures by downloading our White Paper: Building the Virtualized Enterprise with VMware Infrastructure.



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