What is IaaS in the Cloud?


There are many ways a Business can run its operations. A traditional model involves purchasing, housing, running, and updating all hardware internally by its own employees. While having complete control over all physical components seems like a practical idea initially, eventually, it may not be the most efficient model. For example, the cost associated with the hardware, such as capital costs expenditures, setup, maintenance and continued troubleshooting requires time and resources. Over the long term, this can affect your employees’ ability to focus on other, revenue-generating tasks, and can reduce them to performing mainly internal support work. Depending on the size of your Business, this model can work, and work well, but for others, different solutions are needed.

One such solution is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the Cloud. This model outsources the physical infrastructure – servers, networking components, storage devices, storage location, and so on – to a Cloud Services Provider. The Cloud Services Provider owns all of the equipment, and is responsible for housing, running, upgrading and maintaining all of physical infrastructure your Business uses. Even more, IaaS in the Cloud allows for automated administrative tasks, dynamic scaling on-demand, ability to provide virtualization as needed, Internet connectivity, and better access to “up-to-the-minute” failover and disaster recovery mechanisms.

Finally, with IaaS in the Cloud, you have access to tools and utilities to make your business run smoothly. All this frees up your staff to work on other projects directly related to your business, and lets the Service Provider focus on what they do best.

However, IaaS in the Cloud is not an “all-or-nothing” solution. You can still own, house and maintain some of your physical infrastructure on your premises, while outsourcing selected components. Even better, the location of your IaaS Cloud Services Provider is irrelevant, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs while taking geographic location out of the equation.

If your current model is not the best one for your Business, consider IaaS in the Cloud and what it can do for you. Unlock its power and reap the benefits.